Vision , Mission and Objective of NACCFL


“To emerge as a leading and capable federation for the self-sufficiency and sustainable development of small farmer-run agriculture co-operatives and other co-operatives of a similar nature by increasing agricultural production and productivity and developing a sustainable value chain so as to reduce existing poverty.”


  • Institutional development and enhancement of good governance of member
  • Increase production and productivity through the use of smart technology.
  • Emphasis on value chain-based production system and assurance of agricultural market.
  • Expansion of national and international networks of the federation.
  • Inclusive leadership.


  • Network expansion through the establishment of Small Farmers Agriculture Cooperative Limited(SFACL) and transformation of community-     based cooperatives
  • Institutional Development
  • Increase production and productivity through the development of agricultural entrepreneurship
  • Systematic record and information management
  • Development of Inclusive Leadership

FAO Awards for Partnership 2023

Fao Awards for partnership 2023

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Orientation program on Aug 8 2023

Orientaion program  on the effective  use of IT in agriculture. In the program, the proper use of information technology in  agricultural sector, its importance and needs were discussed.

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