Objective, Vision and Mission


“To emerge as a leading and capable federation for the self-sufficiency and sustainable development of small farmer-run agriculture co-operatives and other co-operatives of a similar nature by increasing agricultural production and productivity and developing a sustainable value chain so as to reduce existing poverty.”


“To be established as a viable and sustainable agriculture federation.”


1. Policy lobby and advocacy

  • Advocacy for amendment in cooperative act, agriculture insurance through cooperatives, wholesale market establishment for small farmers, etc.
  • Support for preparation of Cooperative Regulations.
  • Advocacy and lobby with different stakeholders for the benefit of member cooperatives.
  • Establishment of a separate Advocacy and Proposal Writing Unit (APPU) within NACCFL and roll out of FACT methodology for policy lobby and proposal preparation in support of Agriterra.
  • Lobby for celebration of International Year of family Farming Program +10 in Nepal.

2. Capacity Building

A. Trainings and workshop

Cooperative management and financial aspects :

    - Training on cooperative performance and financial management

    - Training on account keeping

    - Training on account keeping

    - Loan portfolio management

Agricultural Aspects:

     - Cultivation practices

     - Pest /disease management

     - Post-harvest management

     - IPM technology

Institutional development aspects:

     - Proposal writing and Strategic planning

     - Business plan development

     - Annual work and budget planning

    - Computer training

Marketing aspects:

   - Cooperative marketing,

   - Market information system

B. Establishment of multi-purpose training center

3. Network Expansion

- To provide membership for cooperative having good practices.

- To expand the members to 1000 numbers by replication program.

- To establish district agriculture cooperative federation in 68 districts and increasing members.

-  To increase capacity of managerially inactive district cooperative federation.

4. Increase agricultural Production and Productivity

  - Capacitate farmers through different capacity building trainings in agriculture.

  - Support in agriculture modernization through facilitation in technology dissemination and awareness raising.

  - Support for establishment of hi-tech fruits and vegetable nurseries.

  - Facilitate to organize soil testing camps as per demand from farmers.

  - Support producer farmers with different agro-techniques.

  - Facilitate for subsidy from different stakeholders in agriculture and livestock production.

  - Support in quality seed production.

5. Value chain and Market promotion

A.  Cooperative Shop (Kisan Ko Poko) : A step towards sustainable agri-business

    - Production of small farmers through out Nepal, particularly from rural areas who do not have easy access to market.

    - This initiative has increased access to market for small farmers.

    - Farmers are being able to get fair price for their products

    - Consumers too are being able to get products from rural farmers at reasonable price.

B.  Small and medium enterprises established under NACCFL network.

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