WUPAP (Western Upland Poverty Alleviation Projects)


Description of project:

The main aim of this project is to institutionalize the Community Organizations (COs) and the Chairman Manager Committee (CMC) in a formal institution at VDC level in a sustainable way with a purpose to ensure socio-economic development of rural communities (especially Dalit, Janajati, females and excluded groups) through equitable, sustained and effective use of local resources and adoption of sanitary practices.

Districts:Jumla and Bajura

Actual major services includes followings activities:

a)      Observation;

b)      Field Study;

c)      Modality modifying/setting;

d)     Meeting with DDC/VDC to make consensus;

e)      Amalgamation of Cos into WRMC;

f)       Cooperative registration;

g)      Capacity enhancement;

h)      Performance evaluation;

i)        Appropriation by community;

j)        Federate with district level/central cooperative unions;

Linkage with banks and financial institutions.

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Workshop Youth Participation in Cooperatives

The voice for youth involvement in cooperatives is in height. However, the ground reality is possibly its reversal. For the adaptability of its reality, the top-to-bottom approach i.e. policy to tangible implementation plan is desirable. 

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